Saturday, March 15, 2014

Find the enabled events using ORADEBUG EVENTDUMP

Just a quick note on how to use ORADEBUG in order to find events that are enabled on system or session level.

Starting from Oracle 10.2 you could use ORADEBUG EVENTDUMP in order to get all events enabled either on session or system level. (not sure if this is available in 10.1)

The synopsis is:

oradebug eventdump 

Where level is either system, process or session:

SQL> oradebug doc event action eventdump
        - list events that are set in the group
eventdump( group           < system | process | session >)

For demonstration purposes I will set three events, two on session and one on system level.

SQL> alter session set events '10046 trace name context forever, level 8';

Session altered.

SQL> alter session set events '942 trace name errorstack';

Session altered.

SQL> alter system set events 'trace[px_control][sql:f54y11t3njdpj]';

System altered.

Now, let's check what events are enabled on SESSION or SYSTEM level using ORADEBUG EVENTDUMP

SQL> oradebug setmypid

SQL> oradebug eventdump session;
trace [RDBMS.PX_CONTROL] [sql:f54y11t3njdpj]
sql_trace level=8
942 trace name errorstack

SQL> oradebug eventdump system
trace [RDBMS.PX_CONTROL] [sql:f54y11t3njdpj]

As you may already know, ORADEBUG requires SYSDBA privilege. In order to check events set for other session, one could do so by attaching to the other session process using oradebug  setospid or oradebug setorapid.

This note was more for my own reference. I hope someone else finds it useful too.

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