Thursday, July 31, 2008

Metalink, SCM, the error and the good stuff

Yesterday I got an e-mail from Oracle Support letting me know about the new Metalink interface which is supposed to go live this Fall:

Dear MetaLink Customer,

Oracle is committed to consistently improving your customer support experience. In the fall of 2008, MetaLink will have a new user interface. To help you prepare for the transition, you may now preview MetaLink's new user interface and provide valuable feedback about its features.


I clicked on the link, that was supposed to redirect me to Metalink, and I got one very fancy schmancy login page. Well, actually, it is the Software Configuration Manager (SCM).

I put in my login credentials and ... I got an error message "IO Error Error #2032"

WOW ... :-)

Well, OK the problem was fixed latter that day.

Regardless of the problem I experienced, I must say that I've been using SCM for quite a while and I am pretty impressed with its functionality. It is really much easier to create and manage service requests using the configurations you I have registered with SCM. Oracle Support engineers have all the information they need about the configuration of the server and the database.

Searching the Knowledge base looks improved as well. Now you can have your search results visible on the left panel of the screen, while, at the same time, you can read the content of the selected note. This makes navigation much easier.

Service Requests part has new design too.

All in all, improved functionality, better navigation, good design, some new features too ... Good job !!!

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